Dinner in Boston Basin

Dan & JBerg

The "other" Sharkfin col is up the snow gully


Scrambling to the notch

The N. Ridge of Forbidden, from the notch

Lower N. Ridge, from the notch

Crossing the Boston Glacier, Buckner N Face


Looking up at the E. Ridge of Forbidden

Boston Glacier, Buckner, Sharkfin, etc.

More Buckner

Dan and I reach the saddle to the Forbidden Glacier

First view of the NW face... and the start of the NW face of the N ridge on the lower left (all but the completion of the snow/ice part of the route is hidden from this view)... as well as the cool-looking spurs to the right, first climbed by a Skoog, I think.

Getting a drink on the saddle...

Torment's NE flank...

Eldo and Moraine Lake

The NW Face. Our route will be up the long ridge coming down from the very summit. Access on the other side several 100 feet up. Go very wide around the toe to avoid crevasse hell. Early season access might be feasable up this side up over the snowpatch to the flat part of the ridge... Also visible is the rappel access to the upper Forbidden glacier from Forbidden's West ridge notch...

Long way down for a swim...

Finally on the ridge. On the flat part, looking up towards the crux.

Upper part of the ridge. Awesome moderate climbing. Flat part of ridge visible way below...

Forbiddent - Torment traverse

Getting near the summit...