Cascade (and other places) Trip Reports

Here are descriptions/trip reports from some of the climbs I've done recently. Ok, it's not all climbing...

Please note that many of these reports were reconstructed from my sometimes hazy memory, so all information contained in them should be considered subject to verification. Climbing is a dangerous sport and I take no responsibility for the things that people might do based on these reports, etc etc etc.







1999 was kind of an off year for me. I was working too much in a city that's not close enough to the mountains. I have a vague memory of going to Yosemite with my brother and climbing "After Six." The next day we nearly got killed by a largish rockfall along the Yosemite falls trail... I climbed in the gym alot....


A somewhat better year, still working too hard, but finally took a leave and went on a nice trip to Bishop, CA for 5 weeks in September/October.






These are a few photos from the Mt. Cook region, New Zealand. Taken December 1996.

Mt. Stefton

The old Stefton Bivy (Mt. Stefton in the background)

On the summit of The Acolyte.

These are a few photos from trips taken Summer 1997.

Sunset from Mt. Maude

Forbidden N Ridge (climber: Brendan)

Forbidden N Ridge (climber: Brendan)

Forbidden E Ridge Direct (climber: Kari)

Approach, Evening. Left to right can see Early Morning Spire, Dorado Needle, and the W Face of Eldorado. (climber: Danika)

Crossing Marble Ck Cirque. The SW Face of Early Morning Spire is in the sun at the left of the skyline. (climber: Danika)

On Early Morning Spire: Climbing steep snow to reach climb. (climber: Danika)

On Early Morning Spire: 3rd pitch, below the roof (climber: Danika)

On Early Morning Spire: Finger traverse to reach summit ridge (climber: Danika)

Early Morning Spire, "Team Photo" (Ben and Danika)

On the McAllister Glacier (climber: Danika)

On the saddle between the McAllister and Inspiration Glaciers (climber: me)